Seabed dredger

Seabed_dredger_articleThe seabed dredger is a multipurpose bottom tracking vehicle with the main feature of deepwater dredging. It is a remote controlled vehicle, capable of working in narrow spaces. On the SBD a manipulator is mounted with a suction pipe and water jet. It can carry out mud/sand suction and seabed soil jetting for efficient dredging.

On this manipulator also a pan and tilt color video camera is mounted. The crawler contains further the electric-hydraulic aggregate with valve pods, the water jet pump which is hydraulically driven, and the electronic pod which contains the North seeking Gyro, the pressure transducers and the electronics with the PLC with the aid of which the SBD communicates with the control panel on the surface.

The vehicle is propelled by means of two tracks which have a total track force of 2.500 kg.

The maximum operating depth at the moment is 150 meters, however the SBD can be upgraded to operate in deeper water. The vehicle can be adapted for all kinds of use and be upgraded with other equipment or other specific tools if needed by the client.

  • Deepwater dredging (max.3000 meters)
  • Debris removal
  • Drilling
  • Excavating
  • Video inspections
  • Diver assistance and observation
  • Hydraulic power platform for underwater tools
  • Salvage assistance
  • Archeology work
  • Environmental work
  • High pressure cleaning

PDF-Icon Seascape – Seabed dredger – R1.1.pdf