Seabed dredger excavator

Seabed_dredger_excavator_1Seascape developed a concept design for a Seabed Dredger Excavator on client specifications. The SBDE is a multipurpose bottom tracking vehicle with the main feature of deep-water dredging.

The SBDE, Seabed Dredger Excavator is based on a standard 28 tns. excavator. The excavator is completely modified for working underwater. The excavator is fitted with 2x electric-hydraulic power packs which have sufficient power supply for a 275 kw dredge pump, 130 kw jet pump and all standard excavator movements.

Seabed_dredger_excavator_2The SBDE is fitted with sensor for monitoring all movements and positions. These will be visualized in a 3D software. The position of the SBDE is based on a GPS RTK with the antenna on top of the crane just on top of the water level. The crane can operate up to water depth of 10 m. using the GPS antenna. The SBDE is standard pressure tight to 100 m. The SBDE is connected with a 400 m long umbilical cable to the control and transformer container.

The SBDE control & transformer container needs to be power with 1000 kVA (400 VAC/60 Hz) generator. Seabed_dredger_excavator_3The SBDE is connected to a 12”floating discharge hose. The umbilical cable also floats and can be retrieved with a special umbilical capstan.

The SBDE is fully remotely operated from the control container. The controls are based on 2 joystick for all movements and driving. Further controls will be through a GUI (graphical human interface) which touchscreens. All data and movements will be visual in the GUI. Also the SBDE will be fitted with 1x scanning sonar to visualize the seabed surrounding the SBDE and 2x profiling sonars for scanning the dredge parts real-time during dredging. The GUI, sonars and cameras will be all visible on a 54” video wall screen of 4K resolution.

Dimensions : Width: 3,0 m (tracks), Length: 4,7 m (tracks), Height: 3,1 m (base)
Weight: 28 tns, Tracks width: 750 mm. Boom: 5,8 m, Stick: 3,1 m
Max. crane swinging point: 10 m, Dredging depth: 1 m
Power excavator : 2x HPU – 250 kW: 500 kW
Dredge & jet pump  : 500 m³/hr & 800 m³/hr (410 kW)
Umbilical : 3 kV@60 Hz and fibre optic – ø 55 mm, 400 m
Hydraulic : Valve pack, oil compensator storage tanks, hoses and piping
Epod : Power supply, controls of valvepack, sensors, sonars etc..
Positioning : GPS RTK (acc. 2-5 cm) with inclinometers and angles sensors.
Control container
Power supply : 400 vac 50 Hz 40A, 5 kva (3 Phase)
Internal power : 220 vac 50 Hz, 5x 16A 230 vac & 1 x10A 400 vac
Video wall system : – 4×46” HD screen
– Controller 8x DVI / VGA inputs and 8x analogue video inputs
– DVR with software (windows 7 compatible)
– 3x PC’s for sonars, video, survey software and GUI
– GPS RTK base station
– Survey software with dredge module
– 2x Joysticks control for excavator movements
– GUI on Touchscreen for SBDE control/monitoring


Seascape SBDE – Seabed dredger excavator – R1.3.pdf