ROVCC – ROV Control Container

Seascape manufactured a complete ROV control container on client specifications. The ROVCC can be built in any type of configuration and size.

This container is custom build according client specifications for a ROV Cherokee. The container is CSC certified so it is allowed to be transported as a normal container. The container is divided in 2 compartments, a control room and a workshop room for controlling and maintaining the ROV. Both rooms are accessible via insulated aluminium doors. The container is fully isolated with steel sandwich panels, the floor has a two component casted floor. Climate control is controlled by two heaters (one in every room) an air-conditioning unit in the control room and several ventilation inlets. The container is fully electrically fitted.

The workshop has two workbenches (one can fold away) and several cabinets for storing tools. In the floor there are lashings mounted to secure equipment during transport.

The control room is painted black and has red illumination to have an excellent view on the video wall system. This system shows all the camera views and other input of the ROV. The controlling equipment of the ROV and the video wall control is placed in three 19” 12U network cabinets with the front doors in the control room. These cabinets are placed so that the equipment is accessible at the rear via the workshop and at the front by the control room.

  • Applicable to other ROV type’s.
  • Custom-built according customer requirements.
Container : 20 ft. container, fully compliant with CSC safety approval
Power supply : 400 vac 50 Hz 40A, 5 kva (3 Phase)
Internal power : 220 vac 50 Hz, 5x 16A 230 vac & 1 x10A 400 vac
Video wall system : – 4×46” HD screen
– Controller 8x DVI / VGA inputs and 8x analogue video inputs
– DVR with software (windows 7 compatible)
Climate control : – Air-conditioning
– Heating 2x 1kW
Others : – 2x UPS unit
– HMI/PLC interface

Seascape – ROVCC – ROV Control Container – R1.2.pdf