Mini crawler

minicrawler 1
Seascape developed and built an
 electrical mini crawler for subsea survey, inspection and cleaning. The system can operate in tunnels, pipes and on the seabed with live monitoring and control.

The basic system has the capabilities to interface all type of sensors. The standard system has an on-board 10 kw power supply for a pump or other electrical tools.

  • Operating depth: 40 m (optional deeper)
  • Umbilical: 350 m (optional 1000 m) neutral buoyant reinforced cable.
  • Pulling force: 100 kg
  • Payload: 150 kg
  • Weight: 250-400 kg.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 1,2x1x1 m
  • Tracks: Rubber steel reinforced
  • Power supply: 400 vac@50 Hz 2-12 kW (depending on tools)
  • Sensors: depth, roll/pitch, temp (Optional: Heading, DVL, USBL)
  • Cameras: 2x HD zoom cameras with LED-lights
  • Sonars: Scanning imaging sonar
  • Extra ports: RS232 / RS485
  • Data transmission: Gigabit Ethernet over fibre optics.
  • Driving speed: 1-1,5 km/hr
  • Controls: Joystick and GUI (driving, switching on/off) on 2x HD Monitors.
  • Standard system: Dredge pump 10 kW
  • Subsea cleaning, research and inspection;
  • Live monitoring and control;
  • Main unit with possibilities of extension;
  • Bigger version of the mini-crawler is also possible.

Seascape – Mini-crawler – R1.1.pdf