DCC01 – Diver Control Container

Diver_control_container_6Seascape as the manufacturer of the Novasub range, started manufacturing complete diver control containers on client specifications. The DCC can be built in any type of configuration and size.

The DCC is a complete 2 diver air diving control container for diving up the 60 m water depth. The container is divided in 3 compartments. The control compartment is fully isolated.  The front compartment has the main entrance door to the middle compartment, the control room. The front compartment also contains the umbilical brackets with 2x 100 m umbilical, the Bailout set and the Helmet cabinet. The middle compartment, the diving controls is the biggest compartment. This contains the main diver control console. The Diver console has a diver air panel, a 2 diver comms unit with video and recording, 2x 15”monitors and a marine VHF. Also inside this compartment you will find a cabinet, a heater and a sitting bench. The third compartment which is accessible from the backside of the container, is the engine room. This compartment contains a Low pressure compressor with air dryer, a high pressure compressor, 2x 50 litre bottles, heater, fan and switch panel.


Standard Double door 20 ft. container, fully compliant with CSC safety approval.
Power supply
400 VAC 50 Hz 32A, 20 kW (3 Phase) optional with N for extra 230 VAC.
Internal power
230 vac 50 Hz, and extra 1 kW (available for extra equipment).
LP air supply
13 bar@ 525 l/min. Fully automatic .
LP air dryer
Fully automatic adsorption dryer 580 l/min @ 16 Bar.
HP air supply
230 bar@ 100 l/min, auto switch off.
HP buffer
2x 230 bar, 50 litre cylinders.
1x 5 kW and 1x 2 kW.
Air panel
2 diver air panel with HP and LP inputs, alarm and diver depth gauges .
2 diver comms. with integrated video & LED light control with 1 CH DVR.
2x 100 m Diver umbilical complete with Camera & Light and comms. on SS brackets.
Ext. comms.
1x Marine VHF.


  • Air conditioner;
  • Welding/cutting transformer;
  • Higher capacity LP and HP compressors;
  • Nitrox;
  • PC computer built in;
  • External CCTV system;
  • Bobox;
  • Digital diver depth monitoring and logging.

Diver controls

Diver air panel

The diver air panel is a 2 diver air panel with a LP and HP input, built into the control panel cabinet. Diver depth is displayed  on 2x  6” Diver depth gauges. All air input and output pressure are displayed on 2,5” gauges. The necessary valves lets you select the air flow. The diver supply pressure is monitored with a low pressure audible alarm. All connections are behind the panel.

Diver communication

The standard Novasub SCU-2DRVL-DVR is built in the control panel cabinet. This units is a 2 divers comms with integrated video camera and LED light control with Harddisk DVR. The video text overlay lets you type any text over the video including, date & time and stopwatch.The video is recorded (1 channel) on the internal DVR and displayed on 2x 15” monitors.

Air supply

HP compressor

The HP compressor is a 230 bar, 100 l/min compressor which is connected to the 2x 50 l air buffer. The compressor switches automatic off when the filling pressure is reached.

LP compressor

The LP compressor is a 13 bar 525 l/min compressor which operates fully automatic. The bleeding of the tank is automatic. The outlet air from the compressor runs into the Adsorption dryer. This dryer also operates fully automatic. All bleated fluids are collected in an oil / water separator with a water overflow to the outside of the container bottom.

Power supply

The main power supply connector is at the side of the container and is a CEE 5 pins 32A male connector. In general the containers operates at 3 phase 400 Vac and can be also supplied with the N for extra 230 vac power. The main switch panel has a built in transformer for converting 400 vac to 230 vac, 2 kW. The 230 vac is internal used for the Diver radio and video systems, the lights, extra sockets and some controls.

Air conditioning

The Engine room has an automatic Fan for air cooling of the compartment. The engine room has a 2 kw heater to keep the engine room temp. above the 10 degrees. The control room has a electric heater/blower of 5,5 kw with built in thermostat.

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