DCV – Diver Control Vehicle

DCV 1Seascape as the manufacturer of the Novasub range, started manufacturing Diver Control Vehicles on client specifications. The DCV can be built in any type of configuration and size.

The Diver Control Vehicle in this brochure is an example of what we are capable to build at Seascape. The vehicle is built to control two divers life support and to communicates with them.

The air supply consists of two high pressure cylinders and a one low pressure compressor with a refrigerant compressed air dryer. The diver wall panel (DP-2D2H1L-W) controls and measures the air-supply. There is also an connection for a Pneumo to measure the diver depth and a low air supply alarm.

Each diver has a complete diver outfit, with his own umbilical, bailout set and KM superlite 37 diving helmet (with camera and light) properly organized in a umbilical bracket. The communication (SCC-2DRVL-DVR) is done by an surface control case diver radio with an integrated CCTV and light control with built in DVR colour monitor. All the wires and tubing is neatly hidden and the air supply & communication components are mounted  logical to use.

Diver wall panel : –   1x LP Input, 2x HP Input with closing valves, side connections.
–   1x 6″ Pneumo meter for diver depth 0-70 MSW or 0-230 FSW calibrated and certified,
    with switch valve to select diver.
–   7x Pressure gauges for diver pressure, HP&LP pressure.
–   1x switch over valve from HP to HP.
–   2x diver output with closing valves to divers, side connections.
–   Built in stainless steel wall mount box, flat flange connection to wall.
–   Low Air supply alarm (rechargeable battery 100-240 VAC).
–   Dimensions: 50x50x25 cm;
–   Weight – 30 kg.
Air supply : –   2x HP cylinders 200 bar, 50 litres.
–   1x LP compressor 14 bar; 270 litres tank; 390l/min with air dryer.
Diver outfit : –   Novasub umbilical DUR01 – 100m with Chinese finger.
–   Novasub LED light Stainless Steel – LUX6R (incl. LED bracket).
–   Novasub Bullet Camera Stainless Steel– NSBC (incl. CAM bracket).
–   KM superlite 37 Diving helmet.
–   Bailoutset – 200 bar 7 litre.
Diver radio : –   100-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
–   10.4” daylight monitor with full pall DVR.
–   DVR; Solid State HD recording, mpeg2 720×576 pixels@25 fps.
–   Communication: 2 wire / simples or 4 wire / full duplex. Diver to diver – Cross-talk switch.
–   Dimensions: 546x347x247 mm; weight – 16,8 kg.
Others : –   Novasub umbilical bracket – UB1.
  • Other configurations for the diver panel or camera & light control unit.
  • Custom-built according customer requirements.

PDF-Icon Seascape DCV – Diver Control Vehicle – R1.2.pdf