SCC-2DRVL - Discontinued product - Seascape Subsea BV

SCC-2DRVL – Discontinued product

Surface Control Case Diver Radio with Video and Light control.

The novasub diver communication radio’s are based on the latest electronic technology and are specially designed for an outstanding diver and surface sound quality. The units are standard fitted for 2 diver connection and have built in LED light and video transmission over twisted pair or coax controller for each diver (CCTV). The units are mains and battery backup powered with a built in smart battery charger and battery state condition monitoring. Standard the radio is fitted with a volume controllable external speaker amplifier. Both diver and tender voice are heard on the external speaker. The radio is based on a 2 wire communication principal and has for each diver a PTT (Push To Talk) button. The communication is type “simplex”, that is to say, the operator must press a button to speak and to the diver is always heard, except when operators speaks to the diver. The operator at the surface can speak to each diver individually. Also the operator can activate the communication diver-diver (Cross Talk). Each diver audio and video have an output for recording.

  • Small case with removable lid
  • Superior sound quality
  • Extreme ruggedized & waterproof
  • Low power consumption
  • Built in LED light and video camera control (CCTV)
  • 4 wire communication duplex
  • Lyyn video enhancer
  • Multipin circular umbilical connector to banana sockets


Ext. power supply : 100-260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Int. power supply : 24 vdc rechargeable battery with battery status indication
Battery life : – 1 hour -> 2 diver comms and 1 diver light & video
– 12 hours -> 2 diver comms only
Dimensions : 305x270x194mm @ 12 kg
Audio out : 1 per diver signal of 1Vpp
Video out : 1 per diver 1Vpp/75 Ohm
Ext. Speaker : Amplifier 20W/4-8 Ohm with volume control
Communication : 2 wire, simplex
Diver volume control : Per diver
Tender volume control : Per diver
Umbilical connection : Multi pin circular connector
Diver to diver : Cross-talk switch
Light control : 100% dimmable per diver
Video control : Video transmission over twisted pair or coax