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SCC-1DR – Discontinued product

Surface Control Case 1 Diver Radio.

The Novasub 1 diver communication radio range is a small, low-cost portable hard-wire radio in a ruggedized case. The SCC-1DR series have the latest audio electronics for superior audio both at the diver and tender end. The SCC-1DR can be supplied with integrated LED light controller, video camera controls and USB video capture to connect to PC for video recording and editing. The SCC-1DR is standard fitted with NiMH rechargeable batteries with a smart charger. The built in microphone makes it able to have a crystal clear audio at the diver end. The SCC-1DR models are supplied with an external power supply.

  • Long battery life
  • Superb audio clarity
  • Multi-pin connection for diver umbilical (comms, video and light)
  • 2 and 4 wire communication
  • Automatic battery charger and conditioner
  • Extended battery life of 6 hours
  • Headset with Mic
  • Handheld Microphone with PTT
  • BOBOX connection (Novasub Break out box for remote comms)



Controls : Main power ON/OFF, Diver&Tender volume, Speaker ON/OFF, PTT,Camera ON/OFF,
Light ON/OFF with dimming
Power supply : 12-24 vdc (comms only), 24 vdc (comms, video&light)
(Models are supplied with 100-240 vac PSU)
Isolation transformer : 1:1 speaker isolator
Rechargable battery : 12 vdc NiMh 1 Ah battery with battery condition monitoring LED’s
Battery lifetime : 3 hours, average. (comms only) , LED light and video camera require power supply
Light control : 0-100 % dimmable light control for the Novasub Lux3R or 6R
and up to 20 watt halogen 12v lights
Video transmission : Video amplifier for video transmission over twisted pair or Coax,
automatic cable length and type  adjustments up to 500 m of cable.
USB video capture : PC USB video & audio capture including recording& editing software.
Requires a PC with windows and a free USB 2.0 port


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